Where should I place my toll tag? Which lanes can I use? Where can I use it?... Here are the answers to frequently asked questions concerning the use of the Liber-t toll tag.

Installing the Bip&Go toll tag is very quick and easy.

  • Clean the windshield and peel off the adhesive backing from the badge holder
  • Stick the badge holder behind the mirror to the dashed area if your windshield is equipped with it
  • Insert the badge on the support
  • The badge is ready to work!

Our advice: for optimal use, the badge must be attached to the windshield. Any manipulation of the Liber-t badge during tolling may result in improper detection and a billing anomaly.

If your vehicle has a windscreen with an area with black dots, which is the non heat-resistant area, the badge must be in this area to be detected. 

More information on bipango.com

At the toll payment plaza, lanes for toll tags are indicated by the Liber-t tag symbolsymbol.  Depending on the type of vehicle you are driving, you may be able to go through different lanes.

  • Electronic toll lanes with non-stop passage at 30 km/h
  • E-toll lanes only for light vehicles
  • Reserved toll lanes "all classes" of vehicles
  • Mixed lanes: which accept all payment methods including electronic tolls

The Bip&Go Liber-t toll tag works on all French motorway networks: Adelac, Alicorne, A’liénor, Alis, APRR, Arcour, Area, ASF, Atlandes, ATMB, Cofiroute, Escota, Sanef, Sapn.

The toll tag also works in over 300 car parks. Click on bipandgo.com to find out how to use the tag in car parks equipped with the toll payment system.

The Bip&Go tag also works on the Millau viaduct, the île de Ré bridge, the Normandy and Tancarville bridges, and the Maurice Lemaire, Puymorens, and Prado Carénage tunnels.

Your current Liber-t toll tag only works on French motorway networks. 

However, the new Liber-t Bip&Go tags also work on Spanish motorways. If you want to use the tag in Spain, click here to contact the Bip&Go customer department.
Good to know: Liber-t toll tags valid for use in Spain must have a Via-T logo on the tag.

Parking in nearly 400 city car parks (Effia, Urbis, Autocité, Indigo, Seames ...), in the car park at Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport and the PEF car park at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle 2 airport, taking advantage of the simplicity of payment by the Liber-t tag, it's time saved and serenity!

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