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We are experiencing issues on the site. It is possible to pay your tolls in free flow for the Normandy motorway (A13 / A14) without logging in.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused and are doing our best to restore full service quickly.

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A14 Highway, Heudebouville new toll (A13) & Boulay toll (A4)

A14, Heudebouville (A13), Boulay (A4)

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Payment within 72 hours, after each passage at the free-flow toll.

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You can also pay your payment notice through your Sanef customer account.

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Why did you receive a payment notice?

A payment notice has been sent to you because you have travelled on a toll motorway without paying the amount of your passage.

This payment notice particularly mentions the date, time and place of the offence, the facts observed, the registration number and category of your vehicle. You must pay a flat-rate indemnity in addition to the amount of the outstanding toll.

As part of a free-flow toll

The payment period is 72 hours after your passage. After this period, a payment notice is automatically sent to you.

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Pay the highway in free flow

A14 Highway, Heudebouville new toll (A13) & Boulay toll (A4)

A14, Heudebouville (A13), Boulay (A4)

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Payment is totally automatic!

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The Paris - Normandy motorway (A13 / A14) moves to free-flow

On A14 and A13 (only by Heudebouville access) highways, travel first, pay later.

No need to stop to pay: the cameras and sensors installed above the traffic lanes read your licence plates and record toll passages.

It is up to you the payment mean and the moment to pay, but be sure to respect the 72h delay after your passage.

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Travel without stopping with Bip&Go electronic toll payment

With Bip&Go electronic toll payment, your payments on free-flow motorways, as well as on all the motorways in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, are charged directly to your Bip&Go account. No more queuing at the tolls! Save time and gain comfort thanks to electronic toll payment. Let's Go !

Free-flow tolling : how not to forget to pay

If you create an account, you may choose to activate automatic payment or have an email notification sent whenever your car is detected by a free-flow gantry. That way, you are assured not to forget to pay! Create my account


Discover the Sanef motorways

The Paris-Normandy motorway (A13 / A14) moves to free-flow

The free-flow motorway replaces toll gates with vehicle detection equipment, without reducing their speed.

No need to stop to pay: cameras and sensors installed above the traffic lanes read licence plates and record toll passages. Works on the A13 and A14 motorways are planned over the coming months to transform the Paris-Normandy route to a free-flow motorway. Subscribe to our Newsletter for information about traffic conditions.

The era of free-flow motorways

No more long tollgate queues and stress trying to find change or your bank card. The free-flow motorway is designed to allow drivers to keep moving: no need to stop or slow down to pay the toll. Free-flow technology ensures a smooth and easy journey for road users thanks to cameras, sensors and aerials placed on gantries over the traffic lanes. Each vehicle is identified either by reading the registration plate or a toll tag. Its category (light vehicle, heavy goods vehicle, motorbike, etc.) is determined by different equipment and the amount of the toll corresponding to the distance driven is automatically charged.

Safety, fluidity and sustainable mobility

The free-flow motorway ushers in significant progress in the driving experience by offering drivers a package of substantial advantages. First and foremost, it ensures unrivalled traffic fluidity: drivers can now travel through tolls without having to stop or even slow down. The freely flowing traffic results in reduced travel time and incomparable driving comfort.

A13 and A14 motorways: pay your Sanef toll online

With the arrival of free-flow tolls on the Paris-Normandy (A13 – A14) route, we are setting up an online payment site that will allow you to pay the amount of your tolls for all your passages on the A13, A14 and Boulay-Moselle toll (exit 36 on the A4) in a few simple clicks. All you need is your vehicle’s registration plate number and a bank card.

There are two payment solutions:

  • automatic payment by creating your customer account. This is the most practical solution in order to avoid any late or forgotten payment. You fill in your vehicle’s number plate and your bank card number, and then the payment of your toll is automatically debited.
  • connection after each passage through a toll, making sure that you pay within 72 hours following your journey.

The free-flow toll will revolutionise your way of travelling on the motorway between Paris and Normandy, bringing true added value in terms of rapidity and driving comfort.