Portique flux libre du péage de Boulay - Autoroute A4

At the Boulay free flow tollgate (A4 exit 36): how does it work and how to pay the toll? We tell you everything here!

What is the free flow toll?

Since 2004, the Sanef Group has been committed to a toll modernisation programme in order to offer the best quality service to its customers and meet their new needs. Sanef’s “free flow toll” solution was initially rolled out in Dublin, Vancouver and then Dartford. Building on these successful experiences, the Sanef Group is now introducing this barrier-free tolling system for the first time in France, at the Boulay toll on the A4 motorway. The traditional tollgate, with its payment lanes and canopy, will be replaced by a gantry fitted with equipment (antennas, cameras and laser technology) that detects vehicles. 

With free-flow tolling, there’s no longer any need to stop and pay so that means your journey is more free flowing and quicker.

So what does this change?

The Boulay site has particularly dense traffic at peak commuting times. Indeed, during the morning rush hour when people are driving to work and in the evening when they are heading home, vehicles have to drive at reduced speed in this section of the motorway due to the significant flow of traffic circulating within a limited period of time.

Based on this observation, the Sanef Group chose the Boulay tollgate to roll out this innovative free flow toll solution. It addresses the specific requirements of traffic at this site and puts an end to the recurring hold-ups.

And how does it actually work?

You are driving, and without slowing down, the gate detects your license plate or your Liber’t electronic toll tag (affixed to the windscreen to the right of the interior mirror).
With free-flow tolls: forget about stopping at the toll and hesitating about which way to take to pay. You circulate... with ease.

So what are the advantages for motorists?

+Fluidno need to stop to adjust your passage. A real time saver in times of heavy traffic,
+Responsibleless fuel consumed during journeys, less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere,
+Securityless stress in finding the right line when approaching the toll and choosing your payment method.


How to pay Boulay free-flow toll?

Without barrier, the passage to the Boulay toll (A4 - exit 36) is simpler and faster: its payment too! Depending on the frequency of your visits and your preferences, you have the choice between different solutions:

Boulay free-flow gantry

1. Immediate payment with Liber-t electronic toll tag

  • Valid on all French motorways but also in Spain and in certain car parks, it is the simplest and most practical means of payment to take full advantage of the advantages of barrier-free tolls. Your Liber-t badge is detected each time you pass it and the automatic debit takes place the following month.
  • Already subscribed? Cheer! Nothing changes for you: the Liber-t motorway you have tasted and you have adopted it!
  • Not a subscriber yet? go to the Bip&Go website!

2. Deferred payment after the passage

If there is no payment medium automatically detected (e-toll) when passing through the toll gate, you must pay the toll after each journey and within 10 days. To pay, provide get your license plate number and go:

  • On the website to pay online,
  • or at the payment terminal located in the car park after the Boulay toll gate (n°36).
  • Beyond 10 days, I receive a reminder by mail if it is the 1st time, otherwise I receive a notice of payment with an increase.

For more information, visit our online support page!