C'est l'hiver sur les autoroutes Sanef et Sapn

Would you go out in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops in the depths of winter, with snow and freezing fog? Not a chance! Your car is no fan of the cold either! From your tyres to your breaks, from your wipers to your fluid levels, not forgetting your heating and your lights, it's time for a proper check-up. And when you have the green light from your mechanic, it's important to think about you and your passengers too. Because when snow and ice hold you up, it's good to have a blanket, water and biscuits to keep you warm!

Top tip : Your car might shine like a new penny, but have you looked underneath? From time to time, give it a good rinse to get rid of road salt residue ! 

When you drive in winter, don't rely on luck. Plan your journey with us, follow our advice and stay connected for local and national weather updates and traffic news, motorway by motorway.

When the weather forecast is really bad, the best thing to do is stay at home !

Snow on the road? Ice in your way? Our teams are working behind the scenes to monitor traffic and keep you up to date. On the ground, they clear the way and enable you to travel with as little disruption as possible.

Now is the time to keep a cool head in a difficult situation, stay safe and ensure the safety of our teams on the ground !

What to do :

  • reduce your speed
  • increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front
  • Only drive in lanes that have been cleared
  • stay behind gritting and snow-clearing vehicles, ahead of them the road is certain to be less passable
  • make way for emergency vehicles
  • do not use the hard shoulder
  • keep listening to to Sanef 107.7
  • pay attention to roadside information boards

Driving in snow or on ice will put your nerves to the test. Release the tension by increasing the number of breaks you take. Your passengers will thank you for it...as will our teams and other drivers !

Salt is our number one ally when it comes to treating our roads. And just like with our food, we avoid excess salt on our roads. To be effective, the right amount of salt needs to be applied. It is weighted out and used on its own or diluted, depending on the weather we're expecting to face. Find out how gritting works here !

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