Borne recharge électrique Sanef

Traveling by electric vehicle: our answers to your most frequently asked questions to allow you to travel with complete peace of mind on Sanef motorways.

Traveling by electric vehicle: your questions for a smooth journey on our motorways?

How to locate charging stations? How do I know what type of terminal I will find on my journey? How do I pay my charge? find here all the answers to your questions to tackle your trips on our motorways without headaches or surges!

How do I know where the charging stations are on my journey?

The majority of our 72 service areas are now equipped with ultra-fast charging stations. They follow one another over a distance of about 60 km, i.e. a possibility of recharging your battery on average every 30 minutes! To plan your break with complete peace of mind, locate all our areas and charging stations here or on the Bip&Go App.

What types of charging stations can I find at motorway rest areas?

Our areas are equipped with different types of charging stations, adapted to your vehicle. To find out which area to recharge your battery, see the map of our areas or download the Bip&Go App.

How many terminals can I find at each service area?

The number of charging stations in our service areas has been determined according to the traffic observed throughout the year but also at peak times during holidays or weekends. The service has therefore been sized area by area to meet demand. Some of our areas offer up to 16 charging points.

How do I know the availability of charging stations?

Most charging stations are equipped with enough charging points to meet demand. However, during busy periods, you can check the availability of terminals on the Bip&Go application or on the applications of our operator partners, by consulting your phone when stationary.

How long does it take to charge my electric vehicle at Sanef motorway rest areas?

The charging time depends on many factors related to the specific characteristics of each vehicle and the climatic conditions. It depends above all on the level of your battery when you start charging. So it's up to you not to go overboard! In general, with ultra-fast charging stations, it takes less than 20 minutes to leave with an 80% charged battery.

How much will electric charging cost me on Sanef motorways?

Like the price of fuel, the cost of charging varies from one area to another depending in particular on the operator. We invite you to download the Bip&Go application or one of the various applications available on the market to obtain this updated information according to each operator: Engie, Fastned, Total Energie, Tesla, Ionity.

How can I pay for my electric charge on Sanef motorways?

Sanef and its partners offer you different payment methods: you can pay on your smartphone via our partners' mobile applications or by scanning the QR code on the terminal. You can also use RFID cards from charging operators. Finally, you can pay by credit card directly at most charging stations.


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