fond bleu

I wish to settle or contest a payment notice

We process requests only by letter

To pay a payment notice:

  • Send your check made payable to Sanef or Sapn according to the highway you circulated to & nbsp ;:
    Sanef / Sapn
    centre de recouvrement
    BP7 76530 Grand-Couronne

To dispute a payment notice:

  • Send us supporting documents to :
    Service Infractions
    BP7 76530 Grand-Couronne

The reasons to dispute a payment notice:

  1. You have loaned or leased your vehicle. Send us the protest card (cut it at the bottom of the payment advice) specifying the surname, given name, sex, date and place of birth, address and driver's license number of the person who was driving or was likely to drive the vehicle and, where applicable, the copy of the rental agreement.
  2. In the event of theft, destruction, sale or transfer of a vehicle, the theft of a license plate : imperatively attach to the protest card the receipt for the filing of a complaint for theft, the copy of the receipt of receipt for destruction of the vehicle or copies of the declaration of assignment of the vehicle and its registration receipt in the vehicle registration system).
  3. For any other reason  : send us the   protest card, along with a letter and supporting documents.

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