Comment payer mon péage ?

Liber-t toll tag, bank cards or fuel cards*, cash: whatever means of payment you prefer, we ensure that you can pay simply and safely at the toll gate.

Choosing the right lane

Choosing the right lane for your means of payment ensures a quick and smooth passage through the toll gate.
Look for the illuminated signs to guide you!  

Did you know?

If you’re driving along the A13 on a motorcycle, to save time at the toll payment plaza, use the lanes that are especially reserved for you!

Useful information to guide you!

Croix rouge - voie fermée
Lane closed

Flèche verte - voie ouverte
Lane open

Paiement en espèce
Payment in cash

Flèche verte - voie ouverte Logo télépéage - voie Liber-t
Lane for all types of payment and toll tags

Logo télépéage - voie Liber-t
Lane reserved for toll tag payments
(stop & go)

Picto carte - voie CB Logo télépéage - voie Liber-t
Lane for payment by bank card and toll tag
(stop & go)

Voie télépéage 30km/h Logo télépéage - voie Liber-t
Lane reserved for toll tag payment without stopping
(drive through at 30 km/h)


* Bank cards: Eurocard / Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Electron
Fuel cards: Total GR, Shell, Eurotrafic (Total and Fina), Ressa.

Barrier-free tolling at Boulay (n°38) on the A4 motorway: