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What happens if I don't pay my journey to the Boulay barrier-free toll on time?

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D+0 – If you go under the toll gantry without an automated payment method (Liber-t toll tag or Pass), you have 10 days to pay:

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D+10 – What if you forget to pay within 10 days? You will receive a payment request with a surcharge.
If this is your first late payment, you will receive a reminder letter stating the amount you must pay and how to pay.


D+70 - If you do not pay for your journey within 70 days, you will receive a fine of up to €75.


NB: The penalties are applied to each transaction. This means that for a return journey made within the same day, you will receive 2 payment requests each with a €20 surcharge that you must pay in addition to the toll amount.

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