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You’ve passed the Boulay toll gantry but, when you come to pay online, you cannot find any trace of your journey :

  • You’ve logged in too late! You have not paid for your journey before the deadline. You will receive a payment request, with a €20 surcharge. You must send your payment to the address indicated on the payment request.
  • You might have logged in too early! Transactions can take up to 24 hours to appear on the system. Come back to our online payment system a bit later.
  • Other possibilities :
    • As a result of a technical fault, your vehicle has simply not been detected by the gantry. It is as if you didn’t pass the toll gantry at all. So you won't have anything to pay !
    • The number plate of the vehicle you used to go under the toll gantry was hidden or fake. This is an offence (Article L317-2) punishable by 6 points on your driving licence, a fine of €3750 and up to 5 years in prison. Photographs and videos of fraudulent journeys will be sent to the police.

If you do not have an automated payment system (Liber-t toll tag or Pass), you must pay for your journeys on the Boulay barrier-free toll road before 23:59 on the 10th day following your journey. Late payments are subject to penalties. For example: If you go under the gantry on 4 July at 08:22, you will have until 14 July at 23:59 to pay.

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D+0 – If you go under the toll gantry without an automated payment method (Liber-t toll tag or Pass), you have 10 days to pay:

Infographie Boulay 2

D+10 – What if you forget to pay within 10 days? You will receive a payment request with a surcharge.
If this is your first late payment, you will receive a reminder letter stating the amount you must pay and how to pay.


D+70 - If you do not pay for your journey within 70 days, you will receive a fine of up to €75.


NB: The penalties are applied to each transaction. This means that for a return journey made within the same day, you will receive 2 payment requests each with a €20 surcharge that you must pay in addition to the toll amount.

The Boulay barrier-free toll is so simple that you could forget to pay. Has the 10-day payment deadline passed? If this is the first time you’ve forgotten, don't panic. You will receive a reminder letter giving you an additional 20 days to pay. 

Our sworn agents are authorised to access the Vehicle Registration System to identify offenders under Article R421-9 of the French Highway Code, according to which an offence is committed when a toll motorway user refuses to pay the toll or evades payment, provided, of course, that the user was properly informed that the route is subject to a charge. Someone entering or exiting the A4 motorway at Boulay is automatically considered in violation of this provision if they do not proceed to pay the toll.


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