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What are the benefits of toll free flow of Boulay?

Free flow tolling has all the benefits of the motorway (speed, safety and services) without the inconvenience of stopping and waiting at a toll gate. At the start and end of the motorway, booths, terminals and barriers have been replaced by a gantry equipped with automatic vehicle detection systems: cameras to read the front and rear vehicle number plates, lasers to identify the vehicle class (car, lorry, motorcycle, etc.) and antennas to communicate with the onboard payment devices (Liber-t automated toll payment or Sanef Pass). Barrier-free tolling is a technology made for simplicity!

The main advantages:

  1. Go through the gantry without stopping or slowing down,
  2. The gantry detects your vehicle according to the equipment that you have chosen: vehicle number plate or payment tag installed on your windscreen,
  3. Depending on which option you have chosen, the transaction will be recorded and the payment debited automatically. If you do not have a device, you will have 10 days to pay for your journey.

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