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Barrier-free tolling has all the benefits of the motorway (speed, safety and services) without the inconvenience of stopping and waiting at a toll gate. At the start and end of the motorway, booths, terminals and barriers have been replaced by a gantry equipped with automatic vehicle detection systems: cameras to read the front and rear vehicle number plates, lasers to identify the vehicle class (car, lorry, motorcycle, etc.) and antennas to communicate with the onboard payment devices (Liber-t automated toll payment or Sanef Pass). Barrier-free tolling is a technology made for simplicity!

  1. Go through the gantry without stopping or slowing down,
  2. The gantry detects your vehicle according to the equipment that you have chosen: vehicle number plate or payment tag installed on your windscreen,
  3. Depending on which option you have chosen, the transaction will be recorded and the payment debited automatically. If you do not have a device, you will have 10 days to pay for your journey.

With free-flow, travelling on toll roads is simpler and faster, even when it comes to paying! Depending on how often you travel and your preferences, you can choose from three different solutions:

  • Automated toll payment tag: Valid on all motorways in France and Spain, as well as at some car parks, this is the simplest and most practical way to take full advantage of barrier-free toll roads. Your Liber-t tag will be detected every time you pass a toll gantry and the payment will be debited automatically the following month.

    • Already subscribed? Good for you! Nothing will change for you. You have already tried and adopted the Liber-t motorway experience!
    • Not yet subscribed? We have a special offer for you here.
  • Pass Sanef: Valid only for the Boulay toll, this payment tag should be installed on your windscreen. There are two payment options:

    • The pay-monthly Subscriber Pass (Pass Abonné) for more regular travellers.
    • The pay-as-you-go Prepaid Pass (Pass Prépayé), perfect for the occasional journey.
    • Subscriber and Prepaid Passes are available:
      • Online via this link,,
      • At the payment terminals located at the car parks after the Boulay toll gantries (J38)
      • By phone. Call our customer services on +33(0)9 708 08 709 (standard rate).
  • Your vehicle number plate: If we cannot detect an automated payment device (automated toll payment tag or Pass) when you go under the gantry, you must pay the toll after each journey and within 10 days. To pay:

    • On line click here,
    • Or go to a payment terminal located after the Boulay toll gantry (J38).

Terminal located after the Boulay toll gantry (J38).

The toll is calculated based on your vehicle class. These classes correspond to the 5 regulatory categories of vehicles defined according to their height, weight and number of axles. The toll amounts listed below are valid as of 1 February 2019.


Vehicle class Type of vehicle Amount


voiture-verte-icon Light Vehicles - Overall height less than 2 metres - GVWR no more than 3.5 tonnes €1.30


camping-car-icon Intermediate vehicles - Overall height exceeding 2 metres - GVWR no more than 3.5 tonnes €1.80


camion-rose-icon Heavy goods vehicles and coaches (2 axels) - Overall height exceeding 3 metres - GVWR exceeding 3.5 tonnes €2.70


Bus-vert-icon Heavy goods vehicles and coaches (3 or more axles) - Overall height exceeding 3 metres - GVWR exceeding 3.5 tonnes €3.80


moto-icon 2 wheels (motorcycles, motorcycles with side-cars, tricycles) €0.90

The Boulay junction (J38) is located on the A4 motorway, around 20 km east of the city of Metz. The toll gantry to enter the A4 motorway towards Metz is to the north, and the exit toll gantry is to the south, in the direction of the communes of Varize, Boulay, Bouzonville and Faulquemont.

The barrier-free tolling at Boulay is so discrete that you could miss it! Don't get caught out, go to our "Online Payment" page and check your vehicle number plate. If you have passed the toll gantry, you will be able to see how much you owe. To keep your information confidential, you can only access your journey details once payment has been made.

Worried you might forget to pay or want to pay now and not have to think about it on the day? With the Prepaid Pass you can top up your journeys in advance and ... go. NB: You can only pay in advance with the Prepaid Pass.

When you travel through the Boulay toll, your car's vehicle number plate will be photographed. But you might want to travel without having to share your identity. There are several options that would enable you to maintain your anonymity:

  • "Light" anonymity: If you pay for your journey online within 10 days, by filling in only your license plate.
  • "Increased" anonymity: If you pay for your journey in cash at the payment terminals located at the car parks (within 10 days).
  • "High" anonymity: You can choose to buy an anonymous Prepaid Pass at the terminals. You do not have to create an account and you can pay for the tag top-up in cash. Your tag will be read by the gantry, the payment will be validated automatically.


  • You may be tempted to hold your tag in your hand as you pass rather than install it on your windscreen. This is not a good idea because if your Prepaid Pass is not detected, we will have to read your vehicle number plate in order to send a letter requesting payment within 10 days. In that case, you will no longer be anonymous!
  • If you have your windscreen replaced or you change cars, it is not possible to recover or transfer any amounts on the anonymous tag.



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