Sanef assistance - FAQ

How do I pay for my journey if I am using a hire vehicle?

It’s easy to pay for a journey on the Boulay barrier-free toll road, even if you were driving a hire vehicle:

  • Go to pay online
  • Enter the vehicle number plate
  • Pay

NB: If you miss the payment deadline (set at 10 days after each journey), your hire vehicle provider will receive your payment request with a €20 penalty. They will be entitled to recover the payment from you, including any administrative fees, where applicable.

What should I do if I have lent or hired out my vehicle to someone ?

If you lend or hire out your vehicle to someone and it does not have an automated payment device (Liber-t toll tag or Sanef Pass), the person borrowing or hiring your vehicle must pay the toll online or at the payment terminals located at the car parks after the gantries. If you lend or hire out a vehicle that does have a Liber-t toll tag, consider removing it before you hand over the vehicle. If you lend or hire out a vehicle with a Sanef Pass, consider temporarily deactivating it online through your customer account.

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