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How can I buy a Pass for the barrier-free toll at Boulay?

Whether you choose the Subscriber or Prepaid Pass, it's easy:

  • To buy a Subscriber Pass,, you just need to create a customer account on our website and link up a payment method. If you want to pay by bank card or bank transfer, you will be debited once a month. If you choose to pay using a company card or a fuel card, you will be debited after each journey. Once you have created your customer account, your Subscriber Pass will be sent free of charge to your address.
  • To buy a Prepaid Pass, you just have to create a customer account on our website, choose how much to top up your Pass (€10, €20, €50, or €100) and pay using a bank card. If you want to top up your Pass using cash, you can do so at the terminals located at the car parks. NB: You can buy a Prepaid Pass without creating an account at the terminals.

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