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A doubt, a question? Sanef's customer services is at your disposal on +33(0)9 708 08 709 (standard rate), Monday - Friday, 08:00-18:00, or click here to use our online contact form.

You will be sent a payment request once the 10-day deadline for paying your Boulay toll charge has passed. When you receive the letter, use the payment request reference number to make your payment as indicated on the letter.

If you have already received a payment request, click here for more information..

Invoices are only sent in the post to people who do not have internet access but who want to use a Subscriber Pass to take full advantage of the barrier-free tolling experience without having to think about the 10-day payment deadline. Contact our customer services and they will guide you through the process.

To freeze your Subscriber Pass or your Prepaid Pass temporarily or permanently, log in to your customer account or contact our customer services on +33(0)9 708 08 709, Monday - Friday, 08:00-18:00.

Click "I have lost my password". You will be sent an email containing a link to change your password.


Make sure the vehicle’s windscreen is clean before installing your Pass.


Remove the protective film from the adhesive strip


Stick the Pass to the windscreen at the same height as the central rear view mirror
If your vehicle has an athermic windscreen, the Pass must be placed in the dotted area, to the right for the payment tag (Pass) and to the left for the Liber-t tag.


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