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Have you received a reminder letter for a journey you didn't make ?
Contact our customer services stating the day and the time of the journey indicated on our letter as well as your vehicle number plate. If this appears clearly in our photographs, you must wait until you receive the payment request to submit a dispute on the grounds that your number plate has been used fraudulently and attach the confirmation of registration in the vehicle registration system, available from your prefecture.

The toll amount takes into account the vehicle class, determined by the detectors mounted on the gantry. Depending on the payment method you use to pay for your journeys, you may see the wrong class :

  • On the downloadable receipt for your journey on your customer account
  • On the downloadable receipt following online payment
  • On the receipt issued following payment at a termin

You can contact customer services on 09 708 08 709 (standard rate).  In order to look into your request, we will need your receipt number and the total amount of your toll (including tax).

Did you lend or hire out your vehicle to someone and that person passed the barrier-free toll gantry at Boulay? The number plate recognition system will link the journey to your vehicle. You, rather than the driver, will therefore receive the payment request. Inform the person who was driving that they must pay for their journey on the toll road online on our website.

Unless you have a Liber-t toll tag, a Subscriber Pass or a Prepaid pass, your journeys on the Boulay barrier-free toll road will be recorded using number plate recognition. Even if the vehicle changes its owner, it does not change its plates! 
When you sell your vehicle, you should inform the prefecture and ensure that the new owner's details are properly registered. Sanef cannot update this information on the basis of your declaration.
If you don’t ensure that the new owner’s details are registered, you will continue to receive payment requests, which will be sent to the address provided by the vehicle registration system.
You can dispute a payment request that you have received by providing the required evidence.


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