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How do I pay at the free flow toll of Boulay (motorway A4 - exit 36)?

With free-flow, travelling on toll roads is simpler and faster, even when it comes to paying! Depending on how often you travel and your preferences, you can choose from three different solutions:

  • Automated toll payment tag: Valid on all motorways in France and Spain, as well as at some car parks, this is the simplest and most practical way to take full advantage of barrier-free toll roads. Your Liber-t tag will be detected every time you pass a toll gantry and the payment will be debited automatically the following month.
  • Pass Sanef: Valid only for the Boulay free flow toll, this payment tag should be installed on your windscreen. There are two payment options:
    • The pay-monthly Subscriber Pass (Pass Abonné) for more regular travellers.
    • The pay-as-you-go Prepaid Pass (Pass Prépayé), perfect for the occasional journey.
    • Subscriber and Prepaid Passes are available:
      • Online via this link,,
      • At the payment terminals located at the car parks after the Boulay toll gantries (J38)
      • By phone. Call our customer services on +33(0)9 708 08 709 (standard rate).
  • Your vehicle number plate: If we cannot detect an automated payment device (automated toll payment tag or Pass) when you go under the gantry, you must pay the toll after each journey and within 10 days. To pay:
    • On line click here,
    • Or go to a payment terminal located after the Boulay toll gantry (J38).

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