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How to pay the Boulay free flow toll anonymously?

When you travel through the Boulay toll, your car's vehicle number plate will be photographed. But you might want to travel without having to share your identity. There are several options that would enable you to maintain your anonymity:

  • "Light" anonymity: If you pay for your journey online within 10 days, by filling in only your license plate.
  • "Increased" anonymity: If you pay for your journey in cash at the payment terminals located at the car parks (within 10 days).
  • "High" anonymity: You can choose to buy an anonymous Prepaid Pass at the terminals. You do not have to create an account and you can pay for the tag top-up in cash. Your tag will be read by the gantry, the payment will be validated automatically.


  • You may be tempted to hold your tag in your hand as you pass rather than install it on your windscreen. This is not a good idea because if your Prepaid Pass is not detected, we will have to read your vehicle number plate in order to send a letter requesting payment within 10 days. In that case, you will no longer be anonymous!
  • If you have your windscreen replaced or you change cars, it is not possible to recover or transfer any amounts on the anonymous tag.

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