Are you an enthusiastic car-pooler or tuned into electro-mobility? The way you use a car has evolved… and so have our motorways!

Carpooling: travel with peace of mind!

We have created a tailored service that provides help for your new ways of travelling, just when you need it.

Our pledge: support sustainable mobility while optimising your driving experience and ensuring you travel with peace of mind.

A few probative examples…

We encourage car-pooling by providing special parking areas that are freely accessible from outside the motorway. Have you pinpointed on the map the best located car-pooling area for your journey? Then all you have to do is find someone to share the ride and so put to the test a new way of using the motorway. It’s more fun, it’s helpful for the environment, it’s better for your budget and still 5 times safer than using the secondary road network. Consult the map

Electric car: stay connected!

Borne Tesla

We facilitate your electric mobility by creating places equipped with charging points at our service stations, in partnership with the sector’s leading players.

Are you already driving on our motorway network or nearby? Charge your car at our service stations.

  • 79 places equipped with charging points in our 37 service stations (every 80 km)
  • An average of 1 charging point at one service station in two
  • Rapid charging in only 30 minutes, just the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee and take a relaxing, restorative break

Consult the map


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