Homme en Jaune Sanef

You may see yellow when driving along the motorway: first there are the signs informing you of roadworks ahead, and then there are the men working just a few metres from the traffic flow or in the toll payment lanes. They are not there for decoration! When approaching them, make sure you drive carefully and responsibly: slow down and keep your distance!

Men in high-visibility, yellow clothing within sight?

Balisage en cours pour nos hommes en jaune

The right way to drive in 4 points:

  • Increased vigilance and caution
  • Adjust your speed
  • Longer safe stopping distance
  • Patience, courtesy and respect

Men in the field

Our teams intervene at any time of day or night to make sure your journey is safe and agreeable. They are the first to arrive at your side when you need assistance and it’s when they carry out these missions that they are the most vulnerable.

  • Nearly 1 accident in 2 occurs when setting up roadwork signs.
  • Nearly 1 impact in 3 happens when providing assistance to drivers who have had an accident or broken down.

Did you know?

Roadworks signs, illuminated signage for motorway response vehicles, variable message signage systems, traffic updates broadcast on Radio Sanef 107.7…  you are always forewarned when our teams are in the field. Don’t be blindsided!

A safety corridor to protect our teams

You’re driving on the motorway and you see that a motorway response vehicle equipped with special lights has stopped or is driving slowly along the hard shoulder or side of the carriageway … Did you know that you are obliged to slow down, change lane or move away as far as possible so as to protect the situation response team?

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