What souvenir trinket are you sure to find on all the motorways in France and Navarre? The Eiffel Tour of course! Want something more original? Open wide your eyes and be curious about the world around you. Drive along our motorways and you’ll already be on your way to new horizons.

A window looking out on the regions

Have you seen them? Displayed along your route like works of art, they are very distinctive with their shades of beige and brown. These tourism billboards are a window looking out on the regions that you are driving through on our motorways. They paint a picture of the region’s landscapes, monuments, history and traditions.

What to do next: these decorative billboards inform drivers about what can be seen from the motorway or visited nearby. So, just flick the indicator switch and take the next exit: there’s always something to discover just off the motorway!

Take a breather… our rest areas will inspire you

Our rest areas connect our motorways to the regions they traverse. So why not make the most of a break to prepare your next trip to Normandy, Ile-de-France, the Hauts-de-France or Grand Est regions? And if you need some helpful hints, take a seat at a table and try the local specialities, look round the shop and you’ll find regional produce to taste or just simply take a look at the tourist information board!

A passion for nature

If green has become your second nature, you’ll enjoy soaking up all its nuances in the beautiful regions crisscrossed by our motorways: forests, plains, natural parks, coastlines and riverbanks…. Yearning for some wide open spaces? Stop off at the Baie de Somme motorway services on the A16, just a stone’s throw from a coastline listed as a "Grand Site de France". Enjoy a cup of coffee at the water’s edge in the good company of the ducks that have made their home there and then stroll along the barely delineated paths that weave their way through the surrounding greenery. Listen! On windy days you can hear the sea calling you! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, you can almost smell the salty ocean spray…
Leave the Picardy coast behind you and drive along A1 motorway to the Oise Valley. Between Senlis and Compiègne heading towards the Nord region, don’t miss the opportunity of taking a break at the Chevrières rest area. Here, the biodiversity of the upper Oise valley invites you to embark on a unique experience of the senses. Look, listen, touch: nature has the upper hand, be prepared for an awakening of the senses!

Les canards de l'aire de la Baie de Somme

Landmarks of history

Invasions, history of France and global conflicts: many a page of the world’s history has been written in the regions through which you are driving. To travel back in time and discover the Vikings, be sure to take a break with your children at the Beauchêne Sud rest area on the A13. We have a duty to remember the millions of soldiers who gave their lives during two World Wars fought in our lands, so a visit to the Verdun Saint-Nicolas Nord rest area to discover Paul Flickinger's monument dedicated to Franco-German fraternity is an absolute Must.

Art and culture make good travel companions

Miro cover

Visit an exhibition, listen to a concert, or discover a town or emblematic place during an unexpected artistic event. For us, travelling also embraces culture.

Discover Sanef’s great ideas

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