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Our pledge: provide you with reliable, useful and easily accessible information to accompany you before, during and after your journey.

With us, the information never stops flowing.

Our news comes straight from our motorway networks. We keep track of anything and everything happening on our motorways that may impact your journey or be a potential hazard on the road. We immediately set up suitable traffic management solutions so that you can keep moving safely, regardless of what is occurring. You are informed of events in real time, giving you the opportunity of choosing an alternative route so that you can stay in the driving seat. 

Our strength: on-the-spot news in real time from the motorway you’re driving along, thanks to the strong mobilization of our teams who keep their fingers on the pulse when processing information throughout our networks.

Our information media:

  • Sanef 107.7, a special 24/7 traffic update radio station
  • our social networks
  • customer services

Our Traffic Control Centres: the strong links in our information chain

You never see them and yet our teams in charge of traffic management keep a watchful eye 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From Traffic Control Centres in Metz, Senlis, and Rouen, they supervise each kilometre of the motorway through monitoring screens, traffic data sensors and weather stations. Then, they share the gathered information with colleagues at operating centres, police forces, emergency services, institutional agencies, etc. Last, but not least, they display information on illuminated signage panels and constantly update information broadcast on Sanef 107.7.

Our customer services department: provides information, advice and support

Help in preparing your trip, practical information about your itinerary, listening to your questions, opinions and wishes: our customer services department accompanies you at every stage of your journey so that travelling on our motorways is a truly great and seamless experience! 

To contact us : +33 (0)9 708 08 709 (no surcharge), from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm 


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