Véhicule autonome Renault Symbioz

Tomorrow you won’t have to choose between sleeping or driving! What will you do in your autonomous car? Take a nap, play video games, hold a video-conference, watch a film with the family? Time spent driving today, will be your Me-time tomorrow.

On the way to autonomy

intérieur voiture autonome Renault Symbioz

The driving revolution has already started on our motorways. There are concrete solutions that you can see being set up as well as less visible adjustments being made. There are also connected and autonomous vehicle trials taking place where the cars simply blend into the flow of traffic. Look in your rear view mirror, perhaps you are being followed by the Renault Symbioz prototype!

Did you know?

Autonomous driving trials have been taking place for several months on the A13 (Paris>Rouen). Have you already come across the Renault Symbioz being tested under real driving conditions? The car has not only been tried and tested driving along in traffic but also when going through a toll gate and driving through a roadworks area.

The barrier-free, unimpeded toll gate

Freeflow Boulay

It’s been a long day but Felix and Juliette’s mother will be home even earlier tonight. Natacha is serenely driving along the A4 between Metz and Boulay in Moselle, part of the Grand Est region. At the motorway exit, she indicates, slows down and there she is! Already on the B road that takes her to her village. So where is the toll gate? She just drove under the ERP gantry without having to stop. So how did she pay the toll? It’s up to Natacha how and when she pays!

The barrier-free toll gate at Boulay is the first of its kind in France. We’re proud that Natacha can take advantage of this tolling system so that she and all the other mums and dads can spend more time with their children, that others can spend more time doing the things they want to do… being at home, at work, with friends, doing the gardening or sport, watching TV, going to the cinema and concerts… or even enjoying a lie-in in the morning!

Taking things further: equipping a toll gate is good but we don’t plan on stopping there! Our objective is to equip the whole motorway network so that we can offer you a new and better travel experience: one that doesn’t involve the stop-start of waiting at the toll gate!

🚗 Tomorrow’s cars will all be connected

What if your car was able to communicate with the one in front, the one behind and the one overtaking you? And what if it was connected to the road it was driving along? Pure science-fiction? Not at all! Simply the foundations for putting autonomous cars on the road.

A pilot fleet of connected cars is already communicating with the A4 motorway between Paris and Strasbourg as part of the European project “SCOOP – connected vehicles and roads”, alongside RenaultPeugeot and other key players in the mobility sections and under the aegis of the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition of France.

The right connection: warned in advance of risky situations during your journey (speed reductions, traffic jams, obstacles, roadworks, etc.) you’ll always be able to drive well and enjoy a smooth trip! It will be safer for you and for those sharing the road with you. Calmly flowing traffic is also more environmentally friendly!