bandeau mon compte Boulay

The Boulay-Varize free flow toll is unique in France. It is the only toll without any barrier, where you pass without stopping or even slowing down, and for which payment is made after the passage, within 10 days.
To travel lightly, sign up for the free notification service!

What is the notification service?

Whether you are a regular or very occasional customer, it can happen that you forget to pay for a passage and have the unpleasant surprise of having to pay a surcharge. Sanef offers you the option of registering for the notification service free of charge. Once registered, an e-mail will be sent to you the day after your visit, if it has not been paid in the meantime. This will allow you to easily pay the toll within the allotted time.

With the notification service, you can travel with peace of mind.

Do you have an electronic toll badge?

This service is also for you: if your badge is badly positioned, held by hand, has no more battery or is in opposition ... It cannot be used for the payment of the toll and your journey will be pending. regularization. To travel serenely and follow your passages at the toll, subscribe to the notification service.

Are you a fleet manager?

Do you manage a fleet of cars and sometimes a driver forgets to pay the toll? Register now for the notification service: the day after the passage, you will receive a reminder by e-mail in the event of an unpaid passage. Very practical, it gives you time to find the driver, or to regulate yourself!

How to register?

There are two ways to register:

  1. just after the online payment, you can register directly with the e-mail address used for the "my passage info" service. It's simple and fast!
  2. you can register directly online by filling in a simple form and providing a copy of the vehicle registration document and an ID document.

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