Stop off at the Valmy Le Moulin rest area on the A4 motorway, from Strasbourg to Paris. Many services are offered on site to make your trip more enjoyable.

Changes in progress

The service area is currently being transformed. The main services remain open, but some brands are not yet available.

  • My vehicle

    • Electric charging station
    • Camper van dump station
    • Tyre inflation station
    • Avia
    • Fastned


  • The Electric + offer
    Electric vehicle owner? Take advantage of our offers of -5% at the toll and one year of free subscription!
    Let's go !
  • My catering services

    • Drinks and treats machine
    • Coffee Shop
    • L'Atelier Charal
    • Tasty
    • Tasty & Cocotte
  • Shop & services

    • Local products
    • Disabled access
    • Wi-Fi
    • Casino Express

Services in the Valmy Le Moulin rest area

  • Gas station
  • Shop
  • Catering services
  • 124 parking spaces
  • playground
  • PRM accessibility
  • Nursery

On the way on the A4 motorway, from Strasbourg towards the capital? Take a gourmet break at km 206 in the Valmy Le Moulin rest area.

You will enjoy the burgers and sandwiches. The shop also offers you various snacks and interesting regional products. Take a detour!

So that your children can take full advantage of the break, accompany them to the playground. In the meantime, take the opportunity to inflate the tires or fill up your vehicle at the gas station or at the charging station if you are driving an electric vehicle.

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