On the way to Strasbourg, from the capital? Take a break at the Ussy-sur-Marne rest area on the A4 motorway to discover some very interesting services.

Changes in progress

The service area is currently being transformed. The main services remain open, but some brands are not yet available.

  • My vehicle

    • Tyre inflation station
    • Eni
    • Fastned


  • The Electric + offer
    Electric vehicle owner? Take advantage of our offers of -5% at the toll and one year of free subscription!
    Let's go !
  • My catering services

    • Drinks and treats machine
    • Paul
  • Shop & services

    • Local products
    • Disabled access
    • Casino Everyday

Services in the Ussy-sur-Marne area

Aire de Ussy-sur-Marne - Autoroute A4

  • Gas station
  • Shop
  • Catering services
  • More than 50 parking spaces
  • PRM accessibility
  • Nursery

Discover the Ussy-sur-Marne rest area which is on the A4 motorway, at kilometer 56 when you leave Paris to set off for Strasbourg. Have a good time there so you can continue the journey with peace of mind!

Are you a big foodie? Taste the specialties of the Léo Bistro restaurant which will make you happy. The Via Italia shop also sells various snacks and quality regional products at affordable prices.

To avoid possible breakdowns on the road, before leaving, do not forget to check if your tires are well inflated, and that the tank is full. The Eni Station is at your service if needed.

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