Carpool from the Saint-Avold car park!

To make it easier for you to carpool, we are developing the construction of carpool parks near the motorways, in partnership with the actors of the territories crossed.

The car park

This car park is located near the Saint-Avold exit n°39 on the A4 motorway, in the commune of Saint-Avold.

From this car park you can drive to Saint-Avold or Carling via the D633 and to Metz or Strasbourg via the A4.

carte parking

The services

The Saint-Avold carpooling area consists of :

  • 49 spaces, including 2 for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM).
  • Accessible free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fully fenced, dedicated to light vehicles.
  • Equipped with a shelter for pedestrians and a drop-off point.
  • Lighting ensures a sense of security in the PRM area.
  • A hibernaculum has been built to protect the fauna and more particularly cold-blooded animals which can come and keep warm during the winter months, lay their eggs and protect themselves from predators. This construction contributes to the preservation of species and the protection of biodiversity.

The partners

This area has been built in partnership with:

Saint Avold Synergie

Good plans

  • The Electric + offer
    Electric vehicle owner? Take advantage of our offers of -5% at the toll and one year of free subscription!
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