Strike a Pose for the Pause 3rd edition

Several hundred, very creative contestants took part in this 3rd edition and shared on Instagram their pit stop moments while travelling to their summer 2018 holiday destinations.

Lauréat 2017 : @bubblepicture

The jury selected 10 winning photos that will be exhibited at Sanef’s Vironvay (27) service station on the A13 motorway.
Stopping to take a break at least every two hours is essential in order to drive safely during long road trips. Remember, drowsiness at the wheel can lead to dangerous “micro-sleeps” (lasting from 1 to 4 seconds) that are a risk to everyone’s safety. A motorway rest area, a playground area, a picturesque mountainous valley, an amazing sunset, a family tea party… are all ideal opportunities to relax, take beautiful snapshots and transform the pause in your journey into a creative moment. The competition has clocked up more than 40,000 likes.

Participating is very easy: Instagrammers just post their photo on their Instagram account with the hashtag #OnPosePourLaPause.

Jury members: Christine Allard, director of institutional relations and communications for the Sanef Group, Anne Lavaud, general director of the French Road Safety Association, Thierry Mathon, head of the photographic unit at the Ministry of the Interior, Christophe Rihet, photographer, and Emmanuel Barbe, interministerial delegate for road safety. On Wednesday 12th September, the jury selected 9 competition winners and the 10th winner was chosen by Instagrammers based on the number of likes received.