Flowing from Isle-Adam to La Francilienne on A16, it's coming soon!

Construction work on the passage Grande Fauna above the RN1 (future A16).

The Opal Coast is getting closer to the Ile-de-France and two major stages of completion of the A16 motorway extension will be completed by the end of the year: the connection of the new section to the RN104 and the completion of the circular green Cross Road.

Starting next now, the new section of the A16 motorway will be connected to the section of RN1 upgraded to motorway standards to the north and to Francilienne to the south.

To complete the first step, several operations are currently underway on the different sections. The last layer of very thin bituminous concrete is being finalized on the RN1, as well as the ground marking, white. The new section of the A16 motorway is also under construction: the laying of several layers of pavement will make it possible to obtain, by the end of the summer, a suitable asphalt mix.

Then come the finalization of all roundabouts of the Green Cross, by the end of the year. Definitively removed, the old roundabout is replaced by a heat exchanger and a circular roadway composed of eight roundabouts, intended to provide local services while separating them from the traffic of the main roads. Seven of them have already been connected, the last will be connected by December with the creation of an ultimate connection. The loop will then be cordoned off at the Green Cross, to streamline the traffic.

And it's not only in Cannes that we roll out the red carpet !! In May, it was the yard that took the pose!

Flash back !

On May 24, the press and local elected officials honored the passage large fauna of their presences. This emblematic structure now allows the passage of animals over the RN1 (future A16) thus restoring the ecological corridor between the Domaniales forests of Carnelle and L'Isle-Adam at the Bois Carreau.

The passage large wildlife

Watch the film dedicated to him to know all about its technical characteristics and the stages of its construction!

The Sanef Steering Committee also visited the site on May 28th.

A special opportunity to see this vast project in the field as we approach the development of the facility. Saves time, security and comfort: the extension of the A16 motorway will facilitate travel within the Val-d'Oise, in Île-de-France and more widely between the Paris region and Beauvais and Paris airports. Roissy and between Grand Paris and the Opal Coast.